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I own my own business that allows me to work from home (unless on assignment), where I share office space with my fiancé, Leanne, and my cat, Alex.  


When I'm not working, you can find me:


Exploring the city on my bike

Reading books and blogs on personal finance

Volunteering in my community

Listening to podcasts

Watching soccer matches


This site has been born out of communication frustration.  Basically, I was/am finding it hard to talk to people about personal finance.  And I get it.  It's a scary topic.  In some families (and groups of friends), it's downright taboo to discuss financial subjects.  BUT IT'S SO IMPORTANT.  LIKE ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS.

I think knowledge is power.  Conversely, I think ignorance is dangerous. I think we will all be much better off once we start to understand our financial past, present, and future.  And that is where I'm at right now.  This is my personal financial journey.  

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I'm NOT a financial planner.  I DON'T have any degrees, certifications, or anything of the like in this field.  I DO have a desire to understand finances and to shine a light on a subject that is too often swept under the rug.  Before making any major financial decisions, consult with a licensed professional (just make sure they are a fiduciary).

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one man's journey to financial freedom


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